We do more than educate people, we develop them.

Our Core Training

Leadership & Management Development

Great managers invoke feelings of loyalty, accomplishment and commitment. Our 'Academy' programme does just this. From our experience, we have seen skill enhancement, boosted morale and motivation...
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Sales & Presentation Skills

Selling is as much about the salesperson as it is about the product or technique. The old saying that ‘people buy from people’ is so true especially when the sales relationship is seen with a long term view rather than a one-off...
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Seminars & Event Facilitation

The real benefits of successful event facilitation are manifest in boosted morale and increased motivation and in the accomplishment of event objectives and a list of 'to do's' that is taken away by each participant...
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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We see executive coaching and mentoring as a focus on enhancing or acquiring specific skills to help the executive deal with work and personal issues. Coaching is about focus and perspective, perhaps getting back on track...
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Our Services

With so many other training companies out there, you might ask yourself what is it we are offering, and why does that set us apart from the rest?

For starters, we offer 'face to face' classroom-based training and 'executive coaching' as part of our basic training and development programmes. This can then be supplemented via our online training courses.

Our online training course captures the wealth of knowledge and experience that our trainers have learnt through hands-on practical application. Our approach through online training allows you the opportunity to learn and develop in your own time with our 3-month access program.

  • Face2Face Training
  • Hardcopy notes (brand option)
  • Online 3-month access training
  • Bespoke courses if required
  • Ease of access, on PC/Mobile device
  • Buy 'modules' or single sessions

core courses

Face to face training

Firstly let us be clear about promises. We believe very deeply that promises are commitments, assurances and binding obligations, and we do not take them lightly.

We are committed to giving excellent service, providing solutions that fit the need and an obligation to be credible and trustworthy. We promise to be at the forefront with new ideas and methods, we promise to be innovative and creative, and we promise to be flexible.

We promise to listen and build relationships based on trust and reliability; we will always tell you what we think and be wise enough to do what is needed. We want to be viewed as consultative problem solvers, and if you let us, that is what we promise to be.

We have built our business on referrals and recommendations, and we believe this is the right strategy. Over 20 years of working with some of the most demanding organisations in the world are proof that we mean what we say; we do, in reality, 'walk the talk.'

Whether it is one to one coaching, facilitating a workshop or event, running training courses or creating development programmes, we have years of enviable expertise in delivering the best. Whether we come to you or we take the team to a conference venue we always leave people feeling good about themselves and create a desire to be even better.

We build relationships on trust and confidence and take pride in helping others develop themselves and overcome personal limitations in order to meet expectations or to be ready for more responsibility. Our track record is just that, a record of success and our friendships reach across the globe in corporations large and small.

We are especially effective in Executive Coaching and have enjoyed and still enjoy great success in helping managers focus on what is important and how to gain vision and perspective. We believe coaching should be finite and have clear indicators or milestones which enable the coachee and the business to see real progress.

Leadership & Management Development
Great managers invoke feelings of loyalty, accomplishment and commitment. Today perhaps more than at any time in the past 10 years employees...

Selling Skills
Selling is as much about the salesperson as it is about the product or technique. The old saying that ‘people buy from people is so true especially when...

Event Facilitation
The real benefits of successful event facilitation are manifest in the accomplishment of event objectives and a list of 'to do's' that is taken...

how it all works

Online training

All our modules or individual courses come with 3-month access, giving you all the time you need to complete the course within your timeframe.
Each module comes with a FREE soft copy of the training notes for you to download, enabling you to take notes to remind you of what you have learned. (excludes individual session purchase)
A 'Certificate of Completion' is available to download and print at the end of our modular courses, or for a small cost we can have the certificate professionally printed for you.

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